The Ranford Primary Canteen is managed by the P&C Association and is open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week. A small staff relies on parent volunteers to ensure they can take orders, prepare food and sell additional items to students at lunch time.

The canteen menu complies with Healthy Food and Drink Policies and is designed to ensure all food on offer meets these requirements. Our canteen does not sell food which contains nuts, and we ask all parents to avoid nut products in home packed lunches. This respects the health needs of those students in our school who have allergic reactions to nuts.

Lunch orders need to be at the canteen before 8:45am. Students may purchase healthy snacks at recess and lunch time. Parents are asked to ensure that all food allergies are clearly listed on the lunch bag when the orders are placed at the canteen.

Click here to download the Ranford Primary Canteen Menu